Sunday, April 22, 2012

wAt !!!!! duN complaiN so Much >>> HO

Many people qualified to study doctor, but not every one of them suitable be a Doctor

Recently... one of the hot topic at Chinese newspaper  is about the HO working situation..

Lots Of  Ho complained MO or Specialist scolded and humiliated them in front of  patient, 

being rude to them. 

They says HO work load too heavy....too stress.

for Me......
This is my little opinions

1. If u do job in a correct way, smooth , basic thing get done, i dun think MO or Specialist want to waste their time to scold you, they also wan to finish their ward round fast and get the job done a shorter period.

2. B4 you enter medical school, you should know the work as Dr is nt easy job, u should expected to face this at ur future, u should prepare our self physically and mentally, for me i dun think should blame the system instead figuring the way how to overcome the situation. 

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