Sunday, April 22, 2012

wAt !!!!! duN complaiN so Much >>> HO

Many people qualified to study doctor, but not every one of them suitable be a Doctor

Recently... one of the hot topic at Chinese newspaper  is about the HO working situation..

Lots Of  Ho complained MO or Specialist scolded and humiliated them in front of  patient, 

being rude to them. 

They says HO work load too heavy....too stress.

for Me......
This is my little opinions

1. If u do job in a correct way, smooth , basic thing get done, i dun think MO or Specialist want to waste their time to scold you, they also wan to finish their ward round fast and get the job done a shorter period.

2. B4 you enter medical school, you should know the work as Dr is nt easy job, u should expected to face this at ur future, u should prepare our self physically and mentally, for me i dun think should blame the system instead figuring the way how to overcome the situation. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Plantar fooT

This Is My fooT 

LooK Normal ???

really LOOk normal for the piC

but...In fact ....

it was in problem....

life long problem that ned life long management 


Ntg is perfect in our one is perfect in our life

learn to accept weakness and improve it as we can 

Like me now .....i have to do physiology therapy 

LoooooNg time diN play ball while raining

i cant remember the last time i play ball while raining is when

2day i decided to wet myself...

duN care wat the result would be

finally can find something to cheeer myself up a bit

Sport medicine posting is fuN .....funniest moment for these 3 years medical doctor  program 

we can experience what a real athletics  life is for this weeek

hope to see some Malaysian Senior Athletics after thiss

2moro will join them for a early morning jogging session 

stay TUned for more ....

funnY lo yOu

yOu really fUNNy 

 got that serious ????

need until this situation ??

Thursday, April 12, 2012


soMe time i really tired to face him

for those years 

u never change

tat kind of personality still the same

Tired to deal v yoU anymore 

i juz can let it go 

Glad that u always hEre

(pic of the year)

I felT so Glad..

That u always beside me no matter What

thank you 

My beloved...allyce...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

where i gO for one year

i had been 1 year did not update my blog

actually i did lost my passion to update my blog


lots of books had to revised

lots of clinical skills had to practice

part time job as a tuiter

and many many more

dunno why.....the passion is back suddenly 2 days ago....

TaiwaN Kao xiuNg medicaL University (coming sOOn )

Let Us (UPM)

rock this place on next year ApriL...

Wait for me ....i will settle the procedure sooon

Monday, March 5, 2012

The days we together ...travellll

2 years we had been togather

Lots of thing been gone through

travelling is one of the best part of our life

we will non stop travel........

until the end of our life

I.....Love Travel

Monday, June 27, 2011

KeLanTan ..NasI daGang is the BesT


when u talk about Kelantan

I juz wan saY.....

NAsi Dagang is the best

Thx for queK Family for these 4 days caring

Thx so Much

experince lOts of thing

wisH the new married couple can be last forever

FiLio ...the Most cute child

Beetles ....Volkswagen

My baobei ....allyce

Uncle ChaO

Saturday, April 16, 2011


SAbAh ...I LoVE U

that wat i felt now after 4 days at there

everything juz nice at there

i will be bek ...for another 7 days.....

KK mountain ,,,wait for me and austin will conquer u

I had made some shoooting at there ...

Airasia....i lOVe u ...

The skY ......

Kundasang..KinaBalu Pine ResoRt

SapI island

^^..nice post rite

A restaurant build On a lake

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pic sharing

Dunno why ...i like to shoot plant and view

this is another pic that i shoot recently early in the morning

i hav not many time to shoot during study days

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ChecK in tIme 0310..Kuala PeganG

Check In time 0310..kuala Pegang

this 2 day i really make lots of travel

Kuala Terranganu - Kl - Kuala Pegang in 2 day time

took almost 18 hours of bus riding

Tired but i LOve It

RedanG BaY

It feel good when visit an old place

a Place that had give me lots of memory there

Redang Bay somewhere i will not 4get

visiT rEdang b4 late ..the coral are dying

made a new friend ...beach Boy...AustIn Chay

Hope you din mind ya...take a pic from your blog

he was awesome altough younger than me

different ppl different fate

hope can meet up after you get ur work done